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This project will include the construction of a sidewalk on the south side of East Market Street, between Carlton Street and just north of Hawkins Street. Pedestrian signals will also be installed at the intersections of East Market Street and Carlton Street and East Market Street and Hawkins/Vine Street. Construction will begin by the end of April and is anticipated to be complete by the end of August.


This sidewalk project is significant as it will fill a gap of approximately 1/4 of a mile where no sidewalk currently exists and connect existing pedestrian infrastructure together.

Where else do you see a need such as this for sidewalks?

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This sidewalk project will enhance pedestrian safety by providing a hard surface walkway for pedestrians to better access shopping and dining facilities along with various residential neighborhoods.

What is your vision for the future along East Market Street?

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Construction of this project will cost $334,178.

If you could spend money on a safety improvement in your neighborhood, what would that be?

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