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On Friday, November 13 from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. members of the community will join together to learn about the importance of biking and walking in our local economy. This Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Bike-Walk Summit will also address creating a livable community that attracts and retains businesses and residents, while promoting the community's walking and biking assets. 

More information on the summit:


What more can be done to encourage people to walk, bike, or take transit more? For example:

  • sidewalks
  • bike lanes
  • shared use paths
  • bus stops
  • bus shelters
  • more police enforcement
  • more education programs.

Please be specific and provide locations in your recommendations. 

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When you were seeking a new location in the city for your business or a new home, what transportation factors were important to you? What features that Harrisonburg already has attracted you to put down your roots here?

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