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Harrisonburg continues working to educate and inform its citizenry about polluted runoff, stormwater runoff, stormwater management, regulations, and the responsibility that is shared by the entire community. We want to know, what do you want to know about this topic?

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The city has been proactive in our efforts to provide water quality protection for our local streams and rivers by doing tree plantings, hosting build your own rain barrel workshops, educating the public, and other water quality activities. You can do the very same on your own property and some residents have already worked to prevent and control polluted runoff. What best management practices have you already done on your property?

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Sherrie Good almost 5 years ago

Rain Barrels are okay on a small scale, but rain gardens are a better solution for runoff because they naturally filter the water and add beauty to landscaping. Also, Harrisonburg needs more green roofs. They are very popular, and help so much with runoff. Better yet, plant vegetables on roofs and give the produce to needy people. School programs could be developed where kids could be involved with the gardens. Some cities have programs where in order to graduated, kids have to do some community service. helping to manage the gardens could be coordinated among all of the schools, and real add to the education of the kids as well as helping them meet their community service criteria.

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