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City Council was recently presented with preliminary design plans from the private Plan Our Park design team, on conceptual ideas for a park in downtown Harrisonburg. The park would be located in the area of the existing Municipal Building, Farmers Market, and future City Hall. Plan Our Park representatives have requested the city enter into a public-private partnership to make these plans a reality. Currently, these efforts remain a private feasibility and design project, with no city funding or final approval by City Council.

To view the presentation that was made to City Council on December 10, 2013 by representatives of the Plan Our Park Committee go to:


The City of Harrisonburg has a number of parks and recreation projects that have been prioritized based on existing needs. Let us know if a downtown park is a priority for you.

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This project in its entirety is estimated to cost approximately $9 to $11 million. Let us know what your ideas are to acquire funds to complete each phase of the project.

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Public-Private partnerships were created for other projects in the city such as Rocktown Trails and A Dream Come True Playground. These partnerships included the donation of time, materials, and money.

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