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The Planning and Community Development Department presented recommended ammendments to the City Code Section 16-6-58, commonly referred to the "tall grass and weeds ordinance," at the March 13, 2018 City Council meeting. Members of the public are invited to review the related documents and provide feedback on the recommended changes. A public hearing for this matter will also be held at the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 27. 

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Ben Craig over 1 year ago

I understand the issue (accessibility, safety) of addressing weeds on areas with a steep land slope of greater than fifteen percent; however can anything be done in these areas -- particularly where the land has been recently/previously disturbed due to development? Specifically, my concern is in regard to the "land strips" along Route 33 East, just east of the Market Square shopping center in front of the Econo Lodge and Hobby Lobby shopping centers. These "land strip" areas are between the sidewalk and parking lot and are not only eyesores due to tall grass/weeds, but are now harboring invasive species -- particularly Ailanthus ("tree of heaven") which has grown over three feet tall.

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