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Discussion: Share The Road

The city has partnered with the community to spread safety messages to pedestrians, motorists, and bicyclists. The goal of the safety campaign (Share the Road) is to remind those traveling through Harrisonburg of their duties and responsibilities, and to be mindful of others. It is important that our community understands the rules of the road for all modes of transportation to better anticipate other's needs. The city is now looking for ideas from the community. Post ideas to the three topics listed below on how you pledge to stay safe in Harrisonburg as either a pedestrian, motorist, or bicyclist. 

More information about this campaign is available at 


Topic: Pedestrian

As a pedestrian in Harrisonburg, I pledge to...

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Topic: Motorist

As a motorist in Harrisonburg, I pledge to...

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Topic: Bicyclist

As a bicyclist in Harrisonburg, I pledge to...

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