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In an effort to continue to improve the stormwater improvement plan, comments are being accepted on the recommended projects. These projects are ranked from the hightest to lowest priority. 

Additional information about the stormwater improvement plan can be found at

Please provide the following information for each topic (new BMP, stream restoration, and BMP retrofit):

To what extent do you agree with this list of the top five projects based on your rankings?

What would you change about this list?


1. Vegetated filter strip (Parks and Recreation facility on Waterman Drive)

2. Vegetated filter strip (Morrison Park)

3. Regenerative stormwater conveyance (East Market Street median)

4. Vegetated filter strip (Maryland Avenue, near railroad tracks)

5. Vegetated filter strip (Ralph Sampson Park cul-de-sac)

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1. Northend Greenway Trail

2. Keister Elementary School

3. Mountain View Drive 

4. Charles Street to Ashby Avenue

5. Westover Park to South Willow Street 

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1. Bioretention pond (Lucy Simms School)

2. Bioretention pond (Thomas Harrison Middle School - front parking lot)

3. Bioretention pond (Thomas Harrison Middle School - beside track)

4. Vegetated filter strip (Massanutten Technical Center)

5. Bioretention pond (Thomas Harrison Middle School)

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