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Harrisonburg is partnering with several other agencies to promote the ever-growing food culture in Harrisonburg. After receiving some grant money, a new program and competition, "What's Cooking," was developed to build on the growing food culture in the region, support existing businesses, cultivate new entrepreneurs, and serve as a model for future projects. Those interested in participating were invited to pitch their initial idea and received constructive feedback

Robert Williams about 5 years ago

A variety of mainstream restaurants would draw diners from all over the area looking for such places. These are people with more disposable income than the younger. While in the 'burg, they might look for things to do. Unfortunately, right now all there is to do is Court Square theatre, Forbes [which is nothing but JMU performances, and the movies. There are probably some stage productions being put on here and there, but nothing really full time that I know of. They would spend their money at a more classy restaurant than the Mexican pizza or Golden Corral and look for other things to spend their money. This would generate some sort of night life to spend money on. Money spent and a way for local performers to perform and get paid for doing so.

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