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The City has been studying site locations and the feasibility of a new water tank in the Park View area. Staff members from the Department of Public Utilities and the City's consulting engineers have determined that the existing tank was nearing the end of its useful life and would likely need to be replaced within the next ten years. The new tank will not only enable further development, but also provide reliability and sustainability to the backbone of the system that serves neighboring homes and businesses in the Park View area. Additional information pertaining to this project is available at

    Twenty families make up the Village Square Property Homeowners Association. The Association supports the need to upgrade the Park View water infrastructure. We understand the need to build the tower and the location chosen by the City of Harrisonburg on Eastern Mennonite University property. We support the planned use of the University’s property for building a road to access the construction site.

    Our concerns are as follows: 1) Protect the integrity of the Village Square community by keeping the driveway of Village Square a private cul-de-sac.

    • Community gatherings take place at the end of the cul-de-sac, alongside the retaining wall that borders the EMU property. • Children use the driveway as a play area.

    2) Since a construction access road will be built from Hillcrest across the top of Eastern Mennonite University’s hill, Village Square encourages that the same access road be used for daily maintenance vehicles and equipment, police surveillance and other necessary activities involving the water tank.

    • This option seems to be less expensive and less disruptive to all parties affected. • It would seem to be more aesthetically pleasing to have the maintenance road on the back side of the hill rather than in full view of EMU’s campus.

    3) Village Square prefers that the pipes needed to connect the water tank to current infrastructure be laid through undeveloped areas as opposed to under our driveway and front yards.

    We appreciate the City providing us the opportunity to voice our concerns. Sincerely, Village Square Property Homeowners Association

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    Thank you to the neighbors in Park View who attended the public information meeting last night regarding this project. The city is already receiving useful feedback. Don't forget to submit comments by January 31, 2014.

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