While it may take many months till the road widening project is completed on Reservoir St., it would benefit students and neighbors who turn right at the corner of Chestnut Ridge and Reservoir St. if a temporary left (or right) turning lane were constructed (a bit of a widening for the car to pass the left turning care on the right). Since the majority of drivers turn right at the Chestnut intersection, a left turning vehicle causes a significant back up due to the heavy traffic going south on Reservoir St.

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Harrisonburg Public Works admin over 3 years ago

Thank you, DJ, for your comment. We are looking forward to the Reservoir Street improvement project which will include a new, third lane on Stonewall Drive (Chestnut Ridge) so that there will be a left turn lane, as well as signalizing this intersection. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to construct a temporary turn lane. The Reservoir Street improvement project is anticipated to begin construction in 2015 and be completed in 2017. More information about the Reservoir Street improvement project is available at http://www.harrisonburgva.gov/reservoir-street. If you have questions about the Reservoir Street improvement project, you can contact Mr. Tom Hartman, PE, Assistant Director of Public Works at 540-434-5928. Thank you.

Andrea Konstant over 3 years ago

I wonder if not allowing left turns from Chestnut Ridge DR during certain times of the day would help until the construction project is over. I also think someone should station a cop where the turn lanes were added at the intersection of Evelyn Byrd and University. That was poorly planned and executed, and the intersection is a giant death trap now.

Cardo Lianez over 3 years ago

Thanks for putting a left lane in (eventually.) I often head that way to the hospital. And kudos to HPW for doing their best in keeping up with a growing (exploding) population around the university. Frankly, less is more in my opinion and would rather see more students using PUBLIC/MASS/CarPooling transit than driving individual cars. I'm sure there are numbers to back this up, it's been my experience that traffic accidents increase when students (most less inexperienced and familiar with the roads) are in school. Ride share, carpool, slow down, pay attention. And get a windshield phone holder—they aren't that expensive. I see way too many people looking at phones in their laps and not paying attention.