1- Not for Profit ( i.e. 501-c-3) organizations currently exempt from real estate taxes should automatically be exempt from the proposed fee.

2- The 50% cap on credits, as proposed by the ordinance , is arbitrary and limits the ability of the property owner to further reduce stormwater runoff. Credits should be unlimited, possibly even negative to promote a positive impact in excess of that required, for example - mitigating a neighbors runoff.

3- The appeals process should be expanded to include a citizens and or professional board of appeals similar to the Board of Zoning Appeals for zoning issues and the Board of Equalization for real estate assessment appeals. As proposed, the only recourse a citizen has it to take the matter to court. This is totally inconsistent with current practices in the Friendly City.

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Walter Waddell almost 4 years ago

I not agree with number 1. I agree with numbers 2 and 3.

Ruby Austin 24 days ago

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