Cities around the country have formed a public utility to provide internet for their citizens that is fast and reliable. This could be a major drawing point for the economic development of our town. For more information, see this link:

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The citizens academy is a jewel in the crown that is Harrisonburg, you get to meet a great many of the movers and shakers in the city however since such a large portion of the annual budget goes to the schools, it would be nice to have an academy of say 5-6 sessions learning about the school systems and the return on investment.

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The parks are wonderful in Harrisonburg and they are well kept up but I would like to see more educational signage describing the trees,flora and animals that are in the parks. This will enhance the educational experience of school groups and visitors alike.

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Can road improvements to Circle Drive please be added to the budget for the upcoming year?

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King Purpose over 3 years ago

I think we need to advance our thoughts for medical marijauna we have a big pill problem in the valley if we had alternative medicine it would reduce the problem and take gangs off the street

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Celina Mann over 3 years ago

Too many animals are senselessly murdered everyday!! End the murder!

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Jessica Farkas over 3 years ago

We need a no-kill animal shelter in the Rockingham County-Harrisonburg Area

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I don't care that it's a Wal-Mart Fresh Market. It's another Wal-Mart, and that is the last thing Harrisonburg needs. Is there any way we could entice a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Wegman's, anything else here? I'd rather see the space used as an indoor farmers market. Anything but another Wal-Mart.

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Making sure the tax payers are aware of their obligations.

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