A premier road like country club with a college, worship places , residences, small businesses, fast food and of course the golf club and schools within short distrance, country club road deserves a make over. And if it ever materializes, please include wider wal;kways on both sides of the road.,

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I love the Bluestone Trail access to the Park, but when I walk along and find litter there is no place to put it! The Doggie stations are the most convenient but usually full. Please add more opportunities to clear the trash!

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Cities across the country are revising their planning and zoning policies to reflect the reality and popularity of Airbnb. Roanoke, for example, has recently added regulations for Airbnb hosts in the city. It's time for Harrisonburg to catch up, too, by adding a permit process for Airbnb hosts in residential neighborhoods.

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While the half street closures and speed humps have helped to eliminate some of the cut through traffic there is still a large amount of vehicles that use old town as a short cut and speed through residential areas where there are kids and families. I feel there should be more speed bumps an well as thru traffic restrictions.

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Please have Parks paint the parking stop blocks at the picnic areas at Westover (and Hillendale?) I saw an elderly person trip on one because they didn't see it (She was OK) May I also suggest to repaint the traffic speed humps in the parks.....even at the correct speed and at certain time the sun is bearing down and you really don't see them until you hit them....even at the speed limit they can knock the french fries out of your french fries cup. Just a suggestion :o)

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Mark Klosinski about 3 years ago

Can anything be done about the traffic light timing on Port Republic Road as it crosses the interstate? A good day is when I have to stop for only three of the four lights.

Show that Harrisonburg cares about sustainability. Show that Harrisonburg is not stuck in the past. This can be a win/win situation

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Dale Diaz about 3 years ago

As a resident of the city who has repeatedly sought help from the city for the erosion on my property from the storm water easement that lies there, I am hoping that if I am now going to be subjected to a fee, that those monies can be applied to a problem that has existed for more than 20 years. I would be interested in hearing exactly the pecking order for application of this new revenue source.

Rhonda Payne about 3 years ago

Clean up the mess

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Help the homeless