The citizens academy is a jewel in the crown that is Harrisonburg, you get to meet a great many of the movers and shakers in the city however since such a large portion of the annual budget goes to the schools, it would be nice to have an academy of say 5-6 sessions learning about the school systems and the return on investment.

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The parks are wonderful in Harrisonburg and they are well kept up but I would like to see more educational signage describing the trees,flora and animals that are in the parks. This will enhance the educational experience of school groups and visitors alike.

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Can road improvements to Circle Drive please be added to the budget for the upcoming year?

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King Purpose over 3 years ago

I think we need to advance our thoughts for medical marijauna we have a big pill problem in the valley if we had alternative medicine it would reduce the problem and take gangs off the street

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Celina Mann over 3 years ago

Too many animals are senselessly murdered everyday!! End the murder!

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Jessica Farkas over 3 years ago

We need a no-kill animal shelter in the Rockingham County-Harrisonburg Area

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I don't care that it's a Wal-Mart Fresh Market. It's another Wal-Mart, and that is the last thing Harrisonburg needs. Is there any way we could entice a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Wegman's, anything else here? I'd rather see the space used as an indoor farmers market. Anything but another Wal-Mart.

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Making sure the tax payers are aware of their obligations.

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I'm all for variety but of late the new 'food' options going up in the budding areas of our city are just plain ridiculous. Bojangles? Popeyes? I might understand the logic if I was aware of a majority of people that voted to bring these business in (if this place exists, to cast a vote, please make me aware). If we are to 'vote with our wallet' that just leaves empty buildings and wasted money.

So can we? Do we have any say in whether another fast food joint can spring up. Really, there are PLENTY already.

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