Show that Harrisonburg cares about sustainability. Show that Harrisonburg is not stuck in the past. This can be a win/win situation

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Dale Diaz almost 4 years ago

As a resident of the city who has repeatedly sought help from the city for the erosion on my property from the storm water easement that lies there, I am hoping that if I am now going to be subjected to a fee, that those monies can be applied to a problem that has existed for more than 20 years. I would be interested in hearing exactly the pecking order for application of this new revenue source.

Rhonda Payne almost 4 years ago

Clean up the mess

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Help the homeless

Just past the school next to the golf course on West Market Street there is a park called Heritage?Memorial?Park? not sure of the exact name it's quite scruffy looking and it has trails in it that lead to...well, nowhere, I would like to help or be on a committee that helps to rejuvenate these 'lost' parks, maybe have an outdoor sitting area for teachers to teach/lecture. Or something along those lines . Can the public adopt a park to help with plantings? Thanks.

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I have shoveled way too many of my senior neighbors walks and help with their leaf raking.... I am curious if a youth corp could be started that would be utilized during snow storms and during other parts of the year helping out our seniors with basic outside help, not to take the place of aide workers or handymen/women but to help out in the general scheme of things. Just a thought.

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Cities around the country have formed a public utility to provide internet for their citizens that is fast and reliable. This could be a major drawing point for the economic development of our town. For more information, see this link:

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The citizens academy is a jewel in the crown that is Harrisonburg, you get to meet a great many of the movers and shakers in the city however since such a large portion of the annual budget goes to the schools, it would be nice to have an academy of say 5-6 sessions learning about the school systems and the return on investment.

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The parks are wonderful in Harrisonburg and they are well kept up but I would like to see more educational signage describing the trees,flora and animals that are in the parks. This will enhance the educational experience of school groups and visitors alike.

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Can road improvements to Circle Drive please be added to the budget for the upcoming year?

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