Hello Harrisonburg! Would you please remove the vacated trailers behind 2443 Campus View? They scare everyone in the nearby apartment complexes! Unfortunately, I see students go back there to check out the trailers and I think it is all around a bad idea. I (and many people I have talked to) would feel much safer with them gone. Just as a note, why are they there?

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It's unsafe for the cats to be loose outside since people drive crazy fast down the road. It's obnoxious for renters and home owners alike to deal with cat excrement on their properties and it can get into the ground water. Let's work harder with the Cat's Cradle to get the strays rounded up, and work to educate owners about creating appropriate enclosed outdoor areas for their kitty friends :)

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Regarding your "Managing Polluted Runoff" discussion, with an eye toward establishing stormwater fees how about publishing, or otherwise make public the city's historical and latest numbers regarding stormwater runoff? This would give some grounds upon which Harrisonburg citizens could see exactly what "stormwater runoff" actually means.

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I love that soulful train whistle in my downtown soundscape, but not enough to sacrifice my early morning sleep or a complete night's sleep for my babies... Can we ban those trains until a reasonable hour??

Think of the cumulative missed sleep and grouchiness of downtown residents, and what restoring the missing sleep could do for our quality of life!

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Lengthen the light cycle for Burgess Road/Linda Lane turning onto East Market Street. It's lightning fast, barely allowing a few cars to make it through and then it gets backed up quickly. Imagine how much worse this will be with the return of college students.

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When I was young, I rode my bike to elementary and middle school almost every day. The bike racks for both schools were in the front of the school and were widely used by the students. The location made it easy for students to park their bikes and enter the school safely and quickly.

Currently, the bike racks at Keister Elementary School are at the rear of the building. This location not only hides the bike racks so that less students and parents know about them, but also requires those kids who ride their bikes to park their bike at the back of the building and then walk around a long way to the front of the school to enter the school via the front entrance (kids can enter from the rear of the building, but it is not how most kids enter the school nor do most kids even know they can do that). Neither of these situations encourages riding bikes to school.

I would like to see the bike racks relocated to the front of the school, perhaps at the corner near the outside picnic tables facing Maryland Ave, so that the bike racks are more noticeable and so kids could more easily ride their bikes to school and enter and exit the school via the front entrance. Moving the bike racks to that location would likely require adding a small amount of additional sidewalks or bike paths so that kids could easily and safely ride their bikes to and from Central Ave. or Maryland Ave. to the bike racks. The school would also likely want to institute a "dismount" zone from the Maryland Ave. corner of the school to the front of the school as it is very busy during drop off and pick up time.

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Victor JohnsonMedrano about 3 years ago

Harrisonburg should invest in the IoT era. Technology is advancing and so is the world with it. Harrisonburg would greatly benefit from free wifi in a expanded area of Harrisonburg. The city should be "updated" by becoming a "Smart City". Sensors should be placed where data can be collected and used to improve the city. From wzter pipes to public parks and even the streets. Busstops should be outfitted with screens that displays the information from the Internet. Buildings should aslo be covered with appealing solar panels to power many things throughout the city for free that visitors and residents of Harrisonburg could use. Like maybe a info booth placed throughout hburg that helps displays info about Harrisonburg.

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It would be helpful if at each bus stop, you post the route for each bus that stops at that location. Combined with information from online applications riders could select the buses that would work for them and they could also find out when the next bus will arrive.

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Cardo Lianez over 3 years ago

Why is this not in our down town yet?

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Prescreen, limit to 1 per police car, per week to begin. Allow Harrisonburg citizens to ride along on patrols with officers. You now refer to your "a cup with a cop" as community policing. This could be an addition to that ongoing --and obviously successful-- outreach effort.