Making sure the tax payers are aware of their obligations.

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I'm all for variety but of late the new 'food' options going up in the budding areas of our city are just plain ridiculous. Bojangles? Popeyes? I might understand the logic if I was aware of a majority of people that voted to bring these business in (if this place exists, to cast a vote, please make me aware). If we are to 'vote with our wallet' that just leaves empty buildings and wasted money.

So can we? Do we have any say in whether another fast food joint can spring up. Really, there are PLENTY already.

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1- Not for Profit ( i.e. 501-c-3) organizations currently exempt from real estate taxes should automatically be exempt from the proposed fee.

2- The 50% cap on credits, as proposed by the ordinance , is arbitrary and limits the ability of the property owner to further reduce stormwater runoff. Credits should be unlimited, possibly even negative to promote a positive impact in excess of that required, for example - mitigating a neighbors runoff.

3- The appeals process should be expanded to include a citizens and or professional board of appeals similar to the Board of Zoning Appeals for zoning issues and the Board of Equalization for real estate assessment appeals. As proposed, the only recourse a citizen has it to take the matter to court. This is totally inconsistent with current practices in the Friendly City.

I work at the corner of Federal and Market streets. Our building has been hit at least four times that we know of. Two times this has resulted in significant damage to our building. Every one of these trucks is trying to turn onto Market street from Federal and don't realize they will not fit. I have driven through other parts of the state where I have seen signs telling drivers that they must ignore their GPS and take an alternate route. I'm aware that there is one sign on Market, but the problem is that they're coming in from another direction and ending up on Federal where there are no signs. Then they often get stuck trying to make the turns on Court Square.

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While it may take many months till the road widening project is completed on Reservoir St., it would benefit students and neighbors who turn right at the corner of Chestnut Ridge and Reservoir St. if a temporary left (or right) turning lane were constructed (a bit of a widening for the car to pass the left turning care on the right). Since the majority of drivers turn right at the Chestnut intersection, a left turning vehicle causes a significant back up due to the heavy traffic going south on Reservoir St.

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Hello Harrisonburg! Would you please remove the vacated trailers behind 2443 Campus View? They scare everyone in the nearby apartment complexes! Unfortunately, I see students go back there to check out the trailers and I think it is all around a bad idea. I (and many people I have talked to) would feel much safer with them gone. Just as a note, why are they there?

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It's unsafe for the cats to be loose outside since people drive crazy fast down the road. It's obnoxious for renters and home owners alike to deal with cat excrement on their properties and it can get into the ground water. Let's work harder with the Cat's Cradle to get the strays rounded up, and work to educate owners about creating appropriate enclosed outdoor areas for their kitty friends :)

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Regarding your "Managing Polluted Runoff" discussion, with an eye toward establishing stormwater fees how about publishing, or otherwise make public the city's historical and latest numbers regarding stormwater runoff? This would give some grounds upon which Harrisonburg citizens could see exactly what "stormwater runoff" actually means.

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I love that soulful train whistle in my downtown soundscape, but not enough to sacrifice my early morning sleep or a complete night's sleep for my babies... Can we ban those trains until a reasonable hour??

Think of the cumulative missed sleep and grouchiness of downtown residents, and what restoring the missing sleep could do for our quality of life!

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