The stretch from Mosby Road to Pleasant Valley Road, both ways: Bicyclists and Joggers are using or running in the wrong lane; autos are routinely exceeding 50 miles per hour especially at rush hour; autos are driving in the turning lane for excessive distances; or recklessly pulling around others trying to merge from the turning lane.

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Like MeetUp, Harrisonburg needs gatherings/get-togethers for adults who are in their 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s. As a single in Harrisonburg who’s not in college, it’s hard to meet new people unless you go to bars or church. It would be nice to have a Harrisonburg version of MeetUp, since there doesn’t seem to be any Harrisonburg MeetUps (unlike for Charlottesville). We could have restaurant get-togethers, sports-related ones, life hikes, bike rides, golf, bowling. And, yes, some nice happy hour ones, too.

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Modern science indicates that ingesting fluoride is ineffective at reducing tooth decay and harmful to health. Over 4700 professionals, including hundreds of MD's and dentists, urge the end of water fluoridation. See their statement here:

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It is foolish to require every business in the city to have a bike rack. Bike rack should be up to the individual business as to where they install them or not. As a bike rider, it seems as though the area in the city that might benefit from the racks is in the center of the city, not out by the new Alternative Education Center near MTC. Requiring a bike rack at that location is totally foolish and a waste of money. Let the businesses decide.

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Idea: Recycling

Kimberly Amaya about 1 year ago

Realized there's a lot of mail, papers, books, etc.. from colleges and high school and the nearest paper recycling place is in Dayton. We need a paper recycling place in the city, it will shows us that we are going green.

Our local police can decide whether a criminal is violent and here illegally and should be reported to ICE, rather than agreeing to turn over all info on those suspected of possibly being here illegally to the federal government, risking distrust when community members think that cooperating with authorities can put them at risk for deportation. I'm not sure what our city's current policy is on this, but it would be great if we could announce our town as being an official Sanctuary City, making our community members feel even safer here.

10% of our city school system's limited-English-proficiency students are from Iraq, one of the countries included in Trump's recent Executive Order. Many local students, college students, and family members are here on green cards and special visas. We also are home to many Dreamers. Let's make sure they feel safe and secure in their home city, Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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