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My family and I moved to Harrisonburg about 5 months ago. Since moving here, we have noticed several bad accidents happen at the intersection of Pear Street and Erickson Avenue. I believe that these accidents could have been prevented if there was a traffic light in place. It is very difficult to turn onto Erickson Avenue from Pear Street, due to oncoming traffic coming from both directions. Coming from Russel Drive to Pear Street, it sometimes takes over five minutes to make a safe turn. If a traffic light were in place, these issues could undoubtedly be resolved.

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Mark Klosinski over 3 years ago

Can anything be done about the traffic light timing on Port Republic Road as it crosses the interstate? A good day is when I have to stop for only three of the four lights.

Jessica Farkas almost 4 years ago

We need a no-kill animal shelter in the Rockingham County-Harrisonburg Area

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I work at the corner of Federal and Market streets. Our building has been hit at least four times that we know of. Two times this has resulted in significant damage to our building. Every one of these trucks is trying to turn onto Market street from Federal and don't realize they will not fit. I have driven through other parts of the state where I have seen signs telling drivers that they must ignore their GPS and take an alternate route. I'm aware that there is one sign on Market, but the problem is that they're coming in from another direction and ending up on Federal where there are no signs. Then they often get stuck trying to make the turns on Court Square.

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When I was young, I rode my bike to elementary and middle school almost every day. The bike racks for both schools were in the front of the school and were widely used by the students. The location made it easy for students to park their bikes and enter the school safely and quickly.

Currently, the bike racks at Keister Elementary School are at the rear of the building. This location not only hides the bike racks so that less students and parents know about them, but also requires those kids who ride their bikes to park their bike at the back of the building and then walk around a long way to the front of the school to enter the school via the front entrance (kids can enter from the rear of the building, but it is not how most kids enter the school nor do most kids even know they can do that). Neither of these situations encourages riding bikes to school.

I would like to see the bike racks relocated to the front of the school, perhaps at the corner near the outside picnic tables facing Maryland Ave, so that the bike racks are more noticeable and so kids could more easily ride their bikes to school and enter and exit the school via the front entrance. Moving the bike racks to that location would likely require adding a small amount of additional sidewalks or bike paths so that kids could easily and safely ride their bikes to and from Central Ave. or Maryland Ave. to the bike racks. The school would also likely want to institute a "dismount" zone from the Maryland Ave. corner of the school to the front of the school as it is very busy during drop off and pick up time.

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Cardo Lianez over 4 years ago

Why is this not in our down town yet?

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I would like to see a "No Right Turn on Red" sign installed where the I-81S exit (exit 245) intersects with Port Republic Road. I am a runner and have been struck by a vehicle turning right on red while legally crossing with the crosswalk sign. My spouse was also rear-ended at the same intersection by a motorist seeking to turn right on red and not paying attention to our car in front of him. I hear similar reports from other residents.

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Barbara Goode almost 5 years ago

The new website you've introduced to provide an open forum for ideas/opinions is probably a welcome idea. May I suggest you take it a step further and publish, in the DNR, a column you might call "The Vent". The Atlanta Journal Constitution publishes such a column once a week and it is quite popular. Readers send in short sentences containing their thoughts, both pro/con, about issues they're concerned about, or are mad about, or are happy about. Have a look: The Vent | Metro |‎ Everyone likes to be noticed (heard) readers an insight into what other readers are thinking. Thanks, Barbara Goode

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Sam Nickels, Director, Center for Health and Human Development about 5 years ago

Once a year thousands of Harrisonburgonians make a small donation to the BIG ONE FUND, and a selected organization receives the one time only donation. This is a way for innovative ideas to get off the ground with start-up funds, or a value-added program to get off the ground in an established organization. 2000 donations of $10 is $20,000! A diverse committee of Hburg resident volunteers would select the project from submissions. In fact, we could limit the donation to $10 so that the goal becomes involving as many community members as possible in the effort. A non-profit could facilitate the work, while the City, School Board, and local businesses and United Way could promote the effort among employees. Criteria might include: How big an impact will this new program or organization have on our community (or those in need, if the program is international)? How many people would benefit? Does it contribute to longterm sustainable development? Is it an innovative solution to a real problem?

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