Please move ahead with the Northend Greenway so I can enjoy it before I die. I am 72 and have been waiting for this for years!! I realize this is selfish but I do not know how long I will be able to walk and bike so I can enjoy the trail.

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I love the Bluestone Trail access to the Park, but when I walk along and find litter there is no place to put it! The Doggie stations are the most convenient but usually full. Please add more opportunities to clear the trash!

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Please have Parks paint the parking stop blocks at the picnic areas at Westover (and Hillendale?) I saw an elderly person trip on one because they didn't see it (She was OK) May I also suggest to repaint the traffic speed humps in the parks.....even at the correct speed and at certain time the sun is bearing down and you really don't see them until you hit them....even at the speed limit they can knock the french fries out of your french fries cup. Just a suggestion :o)

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Just past the school next to the golf course on West Market Street there is a park called Heritage?Memorial?Park? not sure of the exact name it's quite scruffy looking and it has trails in it that lead to...well, nowhere, I would like to help or be on a committee that helps to rejuvenate these 'lost' parks, maybe have an outdoor sitting area for teachers to teach/lecture. Or something along those lines . Can the public adopt a park to help with plantings? Thanks.

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The parks are wonderful in Harrisonburg and they are well kept up but I would like to see more educational signage describing the trees,flora and animals that are in the parks. This will enhance the educational experience of school groups and visitors alike.

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