Numerous pedestrians, pets, and wildlife in the area with too many speeders!

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Composting has many benefits.

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Mark Klosinski about 1 year ago

There is a traffic lane in front of the payment drop off box. This lane needs to be clearly marked and signage needs to be in place to prevent people from parking in front of the box.

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There is a traffic lane in front of the payment drop off box. This lane needs to be clearly marked and signage needs to be in place to prevent people from parking in front of the box.

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A premier road like country club with a college, worship places , residences, small businesses, fast food and of course the golf club and schools within short distrance, country club road deserves a make over. And if it ever materializes, please include wider wal;kways on both sides of the road.,

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Dale Diaz almost 3 years ago

As a resident of the city who has repeatedly sought help from the city for the erosion on my property from the storm water easement that lies there, I am hoping that if I am now going to be subjected to a fee, that those monies can be applied to a problem that has existed for more than 20 years. I would be interested in hearing exactly the pecking order for application of this new revenue source.

Can road improvements to Circle Drive please be added to the budget for the upcoming year?

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1- Not for Profit ( i.e. 501-c-3) organizations currently exempt from real estate taxes should automatically be exempt from the proposed fee.

2- The 50% cap on credits, as proposed by the ordinance , is arbitrary and limits the ability of the property owner to further reduce stormwater runoff. Credits should be unlimited, possibly even negative to promote a positive impact in excess of that required, for example - mitigating a neighbors runoff.

3- The appeals process should be expanded to include a citizens and or professional board of appeals similar to the Board of Zoning Appeals for zoning issues and the Board of Equalization for real estate assessment appeals. As proposed, the only recourse a citizen has it to take the matter to court. This is totally inconsistent with current practices in the Friendly City.

Regarding your "Managing Polluted Runoff" discussion, with an eye toward establishing stormwater fees how about publishing, or otherwise make public the city's historical and latest numbers regarding stormwater runoff? This would give some grounds upon which Harrisonburg citizens could see exactly what "stormwater runoff" actually means.

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Drinking water: City's National Forest reservoir water is probably some of the most healthy/cleanest in Va.; a key treasure. Concerns: the Oct. 29 City Council work meeting, there were many signs that City should complete a "full water study": 1-rate structure (since~1988?) actually *discourages conservation; 2-staff seemed unsure what City's "Musts & Wants" were to future; 3-most USA systems have or now plan pro-active, practical ways to drive down water average + peak demands plus ways to drive down their high *fixed costs (automation, upgrades, billing every 2 months); but, none were mentioned; 4-City should try hard to *avoid the ~$25 Million cost (in~10 years?) to install a big water pipe thru County to Shenandoah River (S. Fork; McGaheysville) +costly treatment equipment (Shen. water has lots of agr. runoff, bacteria, viruses, etc.;); 5- customers get triple benefits- since each gallon conserved also lowers costly sewer charges, which are rising fast; 6- +etc. benefits- TBD.

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