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The information architecture and UX of the HDPT part of Harrisonburg.gov is awful. There is no reason for Bus Routes to have three separate pages. Seeing any schedule information requires a PDF download. If you don't already know the bus system, you're probably downloading multiple PDFs just to figure out the routes, and then going to another page entirely to see when those routes run. The NextBus website also takes 5-10 minutes to get to any useful information, and nobody except marketing teams likes QR codes (how many people even have a QR code reader app), so that's not helpful. The worst part is that all of these things add up to a horrible user experience on mobile, particularly for people who have limited data or older devices. Between the poor IA and the forced downloads, this issue is disproportionally affecting individuals with low income and intellectual disabilities.

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Traffic speeds in excess of 55 miles per hour are common from Mosby Road South to Pleasant Valley Road.

The lights on Port Republic are not correct

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Build Shared Use Paths as outlined on the City map of Garbers Church Shared Use Paths to Connect Our Schools: http://svbcoalition.org/connect-our-schools/

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While the half street closures and speed humps have helped to eliminate some of the cut through traffic there is still a large amount of vehicles that use old town as a short cut and speed through residential areas where there are kids and families. I feel there should be more speed bumps an well as thru traffic restrictions.

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Lengthen the light cycle for Burgess Road/Linda Lane turning onto East Market Street. It's lightning fast, barely allowing a few cars to make it through and then it gets backed up quickly. Imagine how much worse this will be with the return of college students.

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It would be helpful if at each bus stop, you post the route for each bus that stops at that location. Combined with information from online applications riders could select the buses that would work for them and they could also find out when the next bus will arrive.

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It seems to be helping this town and the video better describes it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf-O5o4aqcs

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I'd love to see more sidewalks, bike paths, etc. along our roads. I find myself walking on or beside busy roads, Country Club for example, with no sidewalk. It seems more and more cities are trending towards non-vehicular access and infrastructure. I'd be proud to see Harrisonburg lead the way in the valley.

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