Meeting Time: August 08, 2017 at 7:00pm EDT
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Agenda Item

6.b. Consider amending and re-enacting Article G Sections 10-3-25, 10-3-26, 10-3-28 and 10-3-29, 10-3-34(10), 10-3-40(11), 10-3-46(3). 10-3-48.4(3), 10-3-52(6), 10-3-55.4(6), 10-3-56.4(g), 10-3-57.4(g), 10-3-58.4(6), 10-3-79(1), 10-3-91(8), 10-3-97(8), 10-3-106(a), 10-3-180(8) and Article F Section 10-3-24 of the City of Harrisonburg, Virginia, Code of Ordinances and enacting Section 10-3-25.1 of the City of Harrisonburg, Virginia, Code of Ordinances associated with adding requirements for minimum off-street bicycle parking spaces for development and redevelopment.

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    Kyle Lawrence Kyle Lawrence 11 months ago

    The Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and our members strongly support the addition of minimum off-street bicycle parking spaces. Ample bicycle parking eliminates another important barrier to riding a bicycle for any type of trip in our friendly city. Riding a bicycle for a short trip should feel as simple, comfortable, and convenient as driving. This is an important step to ensuring new construction addresses bicycle parking needs. Thank you!