Meeting Time: October 10, 2017 at 7:00pm EDT
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Agenda Item

7.a. Consider action to proceed to the detailed phase of review as per PPEA procedures for an unsolicited PPEA from Anicira

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    Shannon Dove 12 months ago

    I absolutely support this action. By the text of the report that you had comissioned, the RHSPCA is at least a decade behind in terms of protocols and best practices when compared to current best standards. Though, to be completely fair, I'm sure they were doing just fine back around...1989... And the community at large clearly desires Harrisonburg to become not only a friendlier city but also a no kill city. Time to make that happen. Thank you.

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    Cheryl Tobler 12 months ago

    I fully and strongly support the proposal by Anicira as it is both fiscally responsible for our city as well as ethically responsible for the animals in our city's care.

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    Heather McCullogh 12 months ago

    Having dealt with Anicira for several years I know that they have the best interests of the animals in our community. They have already proven their effectiveness. Also since they propose to do more while costing us the taxpayers less truly there should be no question. Please approve the proposal by Anicira.

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    Melinda Joyce 12 months ago

    The SPCA's high euthanasia rate is a disgrace to the Friendly City. Support Anicira, please! These animals deserve a fair chance to live and be loved. My heart breaks at the thought of this euthanasia percentage. Shame on the city for not immediately accepting the bid that promotes happy and happy lives for these animals!

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    Carla Carrillo 12 months ago

    Please allow Anicira to become our Harrisonburg's no kill shelter! Our animals deserve a fair chance to have the right to live and be loved and give love! Anicira will do everything possible to help the animals in our community while ensuring the publics safety and saving the community money. I love all the animals and our community! Please vote for compassion and reason! Thank you!

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    Bill Trout 12 months ago

    We have supported the SPCA for years but have been very disturbed by their high euthanasia rate. We never had a choice in sheltering providers in the padt but this has changed this year. The City now has a choice to work with another organization and I am in full support of the Anicira proposal. I urge the City Council to review the Anicira proposal and move the contract to an organization that will get better results for less funds. A win/win for citizens and Harrisonburg's homeless pets.

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    Andrea Konstant 12 months ago

    Harrisonburg tax payers deserve something better than what the SPCA is currently doing. Give Anicira a chance to change how we treat our furry citizens.

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    Josie Kinkade 12 months ago

    The SPCA's high euthanasia rate is an embarrassment to the Friendly City. More lives saved for fewer tax dollars -- Anicira, please!

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    Kristin Dale 12 months ago

    Please support Anicira. We need to do better for the animals in our area. Such a high kill rate is inexcusable.

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    Wendy Reidler 12 months ago

    I am asking Council to please consider moving forward in support of Anicira's City shelter contract proposal. The shelter has had ample opportunity in years past to move in a positive direction and has chosen not to. They continue to collect money from the City and have not provided any improvement in their services. It’s time to stop looking back & move forward. Better services for less money. A Win-Win for the City, it’s citizens and their pets.

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    Ellen Carrillo 12 months ago

    Please support this life-saving proposal that will not only benefit the animals of the valley, but the whole community itself!

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    Betsy Coe 12 months ago

    I support Anicira's bid to provide shelter services for the City of Harrisonburg. It is beyond time to move away from RHSPCA's outdated philosophies and high euthanasia rates.

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    Pam Gibson 12 months ago

    Please go with Anicira. To provide much better than you are getting now for $69,000 less would seem like a no-brainer. The problems with the RHSPCA are extremely serious and I was able to see them first hand when I volunteered there for over 5 years. I have written about my experiences to all council members. A 51% kill rate is an embarrassment for Harrisonburg and council now has the power to receive better. PLEASE DO THIS.

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    Andrea Bizz 12 months ago

    I support Anicira's bid!

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    Linda Royster 12 months ago

    I really think the only important thing is the horrible number of animals the SPCA kills and has killed for years. As the assessment showed, the SPCA does some things well and some things badly, and some of the things they do badly affect their adoptions. Some of those things the adoption coordinator is trying to correct. But the SPCA has a long history of abject failure. The city cannot continue to allow that. Let's get behind a new provider that can do better.

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    Lisa Eppard 12 months ago

    It's past time for change, folks. The SPCA's euthanasia rate has been an embarrassment to our residents for too long and does not reflect well on who we are as a community. We can and must do better. Anicira is offering us a once in a lifetime opportunity to do the right thing. Everyone is watching to see if we do.

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    Melinda See 12 months ago

    I support the Anicira proposal because community animal sheltering services for the city will be greatly expanded, will get better lifesaving results and will cost less. Anicira's veterinary staff will provide medical treatment and spay/neuter all pets prior to adoption. Anicira will be a true partner with the city in reuniting lost pets with their families as well as proactive programming such as community microchip efforts. Anicira will bring best practices in sheltering to Harrisonburg.

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    Rachel Gagliardi 12 months ago

    I support Anicira whole heartedly. The RHSPCA has had opportunities to improve the state of it's care and has failed to do so. Anicira is proposing a "no kill" Harrisonburg for less money. Why would we Harrisonburg citizens want our tax money to go to an organization that's going to use it to euthanize over half of the animals in our city's shelter? That is inexcusable and I fully support Anicira and believe in their proposal.

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    Stephanie McClung 12 months ago

    I believe that Anicira puts the animals first. And I also believe that the SPCA has become complacent and lazy in their care for our furry citizens. A “no kill shelter” should not have to be prompted by us (taxpayers) but should have been something they (SPCA/ direct caretakers of the animals) have strived for from the time that the no kill shelter concept had been developed in the U.S.

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    Jo Ann Abell 12 months ago

    Studies have shown that people and businesses don't want to locate to a city with a high euthanasia rate for pets. Anicira can provide city sheltering services for less money while saving more animals - who wouldn't support that?. Despite a consultant's report that cited numerous ways the shelter could improve, the RHSPCA continues to operate under an outdated model rather than embrace lifesaving changes. It's time for change!

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    Lori Martin 12 months ago

    I Fully support Anicira! I trapped 3 cats and on every occasion- Aniceria got them in the same day for Neuter/Spay at a very affordable fee. I was able to adopt out 2 and the 3rd is on the job as a Mouser in a local barn. I also recently fostered a lovely senior dog who was within hours of being pound bound. I shutter to think what would have happened to these animals if not for Anicira! It would be a huge injustice to ALL animals if Anicira’s efforts in this important matter failed.

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    Mary Carr 12 months ago

    As the City and County has invested taxpayer money in a relatively new shelter on Old Furnace Road, a more practical solution would be to rewrite the shelter contract to reflect the community's demand for improved adoption numbers. Hold the SPCA accountable for its poor performance and if this means replacing existing staff and administration, so be it! Harrisonburg does not need a new shelter. It needs a new way of operating one.

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    Curtis Taylor 12 months ago

    I support Anicira because they want to bring a no.kill shelter to this area.There is to many animals that have been could have been saved but was euthanized instead. I hope they get the contract so more animals can be saved and helped with finding new homes.

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    Carolyn Peake 12 months ago

    Anicira can provide city sheltering services for less money AND save more animals - of course I support this. The RHSPCA has been euthanizing at unacceptably high rates for years. Despite a consultant's report and pressure from citizens, RHSPCA continues to hold tight to their backward policies and procedures. How many more unnecessary euthanasias can this community tolerate? The time for change is now. Harrisonburg needs to become the animal-friendly city.