Meeting Time: December 12, 2017 at 7:00pm EST
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      Matthew Phillippi almost 2 years ago

      A huge thanks to all of the city personnel. Something often overlooked is the time and effort that is put in by the employees of the city, and a lot of that is reflected in this document. It boils it down to dollars, but each member of the staff is a steward of these public funds and I appreciate all you do.

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      Laura Kauffman almost 2 years ago

      As a homeowner and mother of four school age children, I strongly support using my tax dollars for such a worthy investment in our community. Please do this for our city's future.

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      Christy Comer almost 2 years ago

      The overcrowding issue at HHS is dangerous for the students who are there.I have two Sons at HHS. Inadequate space around the school from the lunch room where kids eat at tables in the hallway, to teachers having to share rooms, to safety concerns if an emergency did occur and students needed to get out.I support a new HHS but my concern is what is the immediate solution to keep those students safe who are there now? How do we tighten down illegal activity and keeps our students safe.

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      Carolyn Schubert almost 2 years ago

      An annex is a short-term solution, not a long-term fix for the large student population in our town.

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      Alvin Chao almost 2 years ago

      Please vote NOW to approve the well thought out and planned School Board proposal for a new second high school in Harrisonburg. By putting off this decision any further we are jeopardizing a 2021 opening and would be creating the need to have to consider non-sustainable alternative solutions in that timeframe.

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      Monica Robinson almost 2 years ago

      I fully support a motion to support the building of HHS2. As co-chair of the HIgh School Space Study Committee, I firmly stand behind our recommendation to build a second high school. Adequate learning space is essential for academic success. We spent hours analyzing data, talking with community members, and weighing the pros and cons of several different options. The committee made the Best recommendation! Vote yes, and prove that Harrisonburg cares about education!!

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      David Wang almost 2 years ago

      VOTE TO APPROVE the agenda for HHS2. Choose to improve the lives of families who live in the City of Harrisonburg and contribute to revitalizing our community. If a decision is imminent, TRUST the elected officials who represent our school system and DO NOT IGNORE the professionals who specialize in building community schools. RESPECT the concerns of the many voices who give countless hours to educate and provide guidance for our next generation of citizens. SUPPORT the future of Rocktown!

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      Timothy Howley almost 2 years ago

      Our city is worthy of this investment - please vote YES on December 12!

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      Nicholas Hurst almost 2 years ago

      I fully support the proposal to build a second high school in Harrisonburg. With all the research that has been done to explore a wide variety of options, it is apparent that a second high school is the BEST option for our community. Not only is it the best option for our students in the near term, it's the most fiscally responsible decision in the long run. An annex or addition would be nearly at full capacity upon completion, requiring more costly school construction almost immediately.

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      Kelly Brady almost 2 years ago

      I was proud to dedicate numerous evening hours away from my family to serve on the space committee and attend school board and city council meetings to hear about all angles of this situation. The choice is clear, a second school is a necessity and is quite overdue. Harrisonburg has an opportunity to invest in the future, our children. Let’s get to building a high school with all the great things HHS has to offer without dangerous overcrowding. Thank you!

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      Thabo Fisher almost 2 years ago

      I work at a tech employer who cannot succeed here without graduates of a strong school system. We also need the ability to attract talented applicants from elsewhere, who evaluate the quality of our community's schools as part of their employment decision. If Harrisonburg is going to continue to attract employers who can provide economic opportunities for current and future residents, we need sufficient school facilities to handle growing demand.

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      Richard Yoder, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Business almost 2 years ago

      Education is the most important investment a community can make in itself. Let's don't be penny wise and pound foolish. As a property owner in Harrisonburg, I more than ready to pay higher taxes because the social, economic and financial returns are high.

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      Katherine Yoder almost 2 years ago

      I grew up in Harrisonburg & returned after 20 years away because I found a good job. My siblings live out West & want to return as well. The first question they asked was “How are the schools?” At work we recently hired 3 people, some from out of town. When considering their job offer, a question is “How are the schools?” Strong public schools help attract & maintaining good candidates. This new high school is an investment in our local economy and, most importantly, our children.

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      C Swayne almost 2 years ago

      I am in support. The issue and the options have been studied, evaluated, researched, and feedback has been gotten, for a *long time*. After sustained deliberations that included all stakeholders everything is in place and do-able/feasible/ *reasonable*. The time to make a decision has arrived; I urge City Council to vote in favor -- let's get underway to build the adequate school proposed, fit for students to receive an excellent education. Make a decision FOR Harrisonburg's future workforce.

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      Matthew Phillippi almost 2 years ago

      City Council needs to move swiftly to alleviate this issue. I am a graduate of HHS and spent all of my school years in HCPS. I was in what was supposed to be the final graduating class from what is now Memorial Hall until delays gave that distinction to 2005. We knew then that the current HS would be near capacity when it was completed. That it has taken this long to be addressed is a shame and it should be remedied with expedience. Overcrowded schools do a disservice to our youth and teachers.

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      Brooke Chao almost 2 years ago

      I absolutely support a second high school. The numbers don't lie. We've been over capacity for years, and based on numbers in the elementary and middle schools, along with project growth, this is a problem that will not resolve on its own. Building on to the existing school, or shuffling 6th and 9th grades, are not viable long-term solutions, will could cause more problems than they are proposed to solve. The Board met you half way with the budget, please do the right thing for our students!

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      Andrew Kohen, Prof. Emeritus of Economics almost 2 years ago

      My support goes without saying, but I'll say it here anyway. I am appreciative of the community support for our carefully-studied and --analyzed proposal to City Council that will be made formally tomorrow evening.

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      Julie Hatfield almost 2 years ago

      Dear council members,

      I urge you to support the motion to accept the proposal from Grimm and Parker to begin construction on the new high school for completion before the 2020-2021 academic year. Good schools bring good jobs and good professionals to our community! THANK YOU, Julie Hatfield

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      Bob Adamek almost 2 years ago

      I fully support a second public high school in Harrisonburg, VA. I often work in HHS and can't believe the school is still held together as overcrowded as it is. I also work in Bluestone Elementary and have seen first hand how the tremendous advances in education strategies and technology has had an immediate positive effect on the children there.

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      Barbara Reisner almost 2 years ago

      I support a second high school and hope that City Council will act quickly to fund this project. Education is an important investment for our community. We have great teachers at HHS, but overcrowding impacts education.

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      Adam Copeland almost 2 years ago

      I fully support a second high school in Harrisonburg and ask City Council to move quickly in this implementation. This is an obvious need and a tremendous opportunity to impact our community, our state, our nation, and our world. The educational and civic foundations provided throughout our city schools reverberate well beyond the buildings, but require those buildings to exist in order for that impact to be made. Let's make a second Harrisonburg high school happen.

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      Kristen Loflin almost 2 years ago

      I fully support the building of a second high school in Harrisonburg. We live in the city solely to have our children in the city schools. It is our firm belief that we should direct resources toward education and mental health as the alternative is to budget for jails and prisons. A well-educated society benefits all for generations to come. Let us give a clear signal to our students that we are planning for their future and the future of the Friendly City.

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      Liz Wells almost 2 years ago

      I support a second high school. Let's get this done for our city's children!!

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      Christina RotzBrunk almost 2 years ago

      I support HHS2 and I’m a native!

      Build it.

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      Kimberly Bolyard almost 2 years ago

      I SUPPORT the proposal to build a new high school in Harrisonburg. We've talked about the effects of large schools on students (more drop-outs, more truancy, more violence). Our schools are excellent in part because we have great teachers. A presentation last week to the School Board showed that the #1 reason teachers leave a school is poor working conditions. Let's make conditions excellent for teachers and students by alleviating crowding! Vote YES to the proposal!!

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      Case Watkins almost 2 years ago

      Let's fund and build a new school! A new high school is a tremendous investment in our future.

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      Carlos Aleman almost 2 years ago

      As a parent of an HHS grad, and a homeowner in Harrisonburg, I support approving a budget for building a second (new) high school. I've personally observed the difficulties that HHS teachers and students face with overcrowded classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias, and I've witnessed their frustrations with limited computer and library space. We need to support the growth and dreams of our community by giving our students, teachers and families the room we need to stretch our minds.

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      Ben Trumbo almost 2 years ago

      As a homeowner, I support the building of a second high school in Harrisonburg. I am more than happy to have my tax dollars support adequate facilities, even if that means a possible increase in the tax amount. As our communities continue to grow, these additional facilities will be absolutely necessary to serve a dynamic and thriving student body. Please build now for our future!

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      Heidi Pennington almost 2 years ago

      I strongly support the proposed plan to build a new high school for Harrisonburg. An excellent public education system cannot function properly without adequate facilities; building now will allow our community to continue to grow and serve every student in developmentally and pedagogically sound ways. Without this high school JMU and other local employers will not be able to attract and keep talented employees. As a homeowner, I can say higher taxes are well worth it. Build now for our future!

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      Stefanie Warlick almost 2 years ago

      Please vote yes to support the new high school. It’s the right thing to do for the future of Harrisonburg.

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      Josie Kinkade almost 2 years ago

      I do not have any children in Harrisonburg schools, but I am happy to pay taxes to build a new high school. Education is the cornerstone of our future. Let's give the kids a literal cornerstone and a new building. In the long run we will all benefit. Keep Harrisonburg schools the source of pride they are now!

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      Cathy Copeland almost 2 years ago

      The City Council needs to act immediately on this matter. Frankly, they need to accept it. It's an extraordinary deal. Our children deserve to have adequate facilities, and a second school provides this. The architectural proposal is detailed, clear, and thorough. As a Harrisonburg resident, I am giddy that we have such a great school at such a value. You need to act, and vote YES! Our community is #forhhs2! City Council needs to be #forhhs2 right now! Thank you.

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      Erica Cavanagh almost 2 years ago

      I support the building of a new high school and will pay my share of the taxes that will go toward building that school. All of the high-school age children in our area deserve a facility that has room for them.

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      Kristen FultonWright almost 2 years ago

      I fully support city council to approve using our tax payer dollars to build a new high school. Thank you for supporting the city’s students’ right to be educated in a safe environment.

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      Marilynn Jarrells almost 2 years ago

      As a lifelong resident of Harrisonburg, and a retired special education teacher, I support the new high school. I have no children or grandchildren in this school system but I highly value public education and know how detrimental it is for students to be in a crowded building.

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      EC Smith almost 2 years ago

      There is no question that the city needs a second high school. It is ridiculous to think that the number of elementary schools we have would all eventually feed into one school. Harrisonburg is not getting any smaller. JMU is growing every year and many of those students end up remaining in the area and starting families. Thankfully that growth attracts more businesses, more people, and ultimately more kids. Build a second school for the safety and education of our children!

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      Tara NaShea almost 2 years ago

      We owe it our children to ensure they have safe, comfortable, and competitive learning environments. They are our city’s future after all!

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      John Schaldach almost 2 years ago

      I encourage the council to move forward with building a new high school. I have full confidence in the council to balance fiscal prudence with the need for high-quality education for our kids. The tax increase I have heard discussed seems acceptable given the importance of education to our future.

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      CA Rooker almost 2 years ago

      There comes a point where all the obfuscation & drama from a small minority of people (some of which do not even live in the city) must end. +/- 2400 students are getting ready to start high school next year (at a school built for a max. of 1300), & the classes behind them are NOT getting smaller. There is no real alternative. Most citizens are more than willing to engage the bond process & higher (of an already low rate) property taxes to make it happen. Enough already. Just do it. Thank you.

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      Ilse Ackerman almost 2 years ago

      I can think of few investments that have better return for our community than investing in the education of our young people.

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      Andi Arndt almost 2 years ago

      As you know, I fully support the building of the new high school. I am willing to pay higher property taxes toward the project. We cannot put this off any longer, and an annex/addition only delays the inevitable while still spending significant amounts of money. I am #forhhs2 !!

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      Rebecca Deloney almost 2 years ago

      The editor of the Winchester Star wrote today that "Frederick's supervisors would succumb to near-giddiness, we believe, if the School Board came in with that price tag," referencing the bid that Hburg's S.B. presented for a 2nd high school. Frederick Co. is wishing for a bid like this to build their 4th. I urge Council-support the request. $50 million for actual building is a bargain & will save taxpayers $ in the long run if we don't delay. Alleviate the overcrowding sooner rather than later.

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      Adrienne Hooker almost 2 years ago

      I AM ForHHS2! We need to build a second high school now. Build for the future. It will only continue to cost more the longer we wait. Our students are already sardines in the current facilities. Vote YES Dec. 12th!