Meeting Time: January 23, 2018 at 7:00pm EST
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Agenda Item

6.a. Consider granting Right of Way Authorization for the Garbers Church Road Shared Use Path Project

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    Jason Burch 9 months ago

    I fully support the realignment as proposed. Thank you for the opportunity to comment and thank you for the earmarked (or appropriate term) funding for this project.

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    Ritchie Vaughan 9 months ago

    Big fan of this project! Thanks for all the work and planning you have done.

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    Glen Thomas 9 months ago

    The off-road proposal along the power line corridor seems to be the most logical, and most safe, route to include in the Garbers Church Shared Use Path project. Definitely move forward with this proposal.

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    Mike Saunders 9 months ago

    I am a resident of the Wyndham Woods neighborhood and I support the Shared Use Path Project, including the recommendation to use the off-street alignment along the power line corridor. This project provides many benefits to our community. Although my property does not back onto the proposed path, I am hopeful that any potential issues with landowners who are directly impacted by this path can be addressed satisfactorily with the appropriate collaboration with Public Works.

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    Misty Williams 9 months ago

    I would like to thank you for your time and dedication for working on this project and state that I support the current alignment of the Garbers Church Road shared use path along the power line corridor.

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    Sarah Von Schuch 9 months ago

    I am a resident of Circle Drive and enthusiastically support the public work's recommendation to use the off-street alignment along the power line right-of-way in our neighborhood. It will give our family and our neighbors much needed access to our schools. The public work's recommendation keeps in mind very important safety concerns regarding intersections and driveways. Kid's safety should always come first.

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    Matt Hassman 9 months ago

    Using the power line corridor through the Wyndham Woods neighborhood should be a no brainer choice for the Garbers Church SUP alignment. It would be the shortest distance, with the most level grade making it the lowest cost option. It’s my understanding that Dominion could build an access path there if they wanted and the neighborhood would have litttle say in the matter. Why try and stop people who want to improve access to the school? Please move forward with this project using this alignment.

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    Jake Brown 9 months ago

    As residents of a near by street, we support this right of way authorization.

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    Erin Bishop 9 months ago

    I believe the Public Works Department has identified "the most desirable alignment for the path that maximizes the safety and utility of the path, while minimizing impacts to property owners," as stated in the public comment summary. The experience of using the path will benefit from maximizing the amount of off-street alignment wherever possible; and such option is available. The fewer intersections and private drive crossings will make the path so much safer for users - especially children.

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    Kyle Lawrence Kyle Lawrence 9 months ago

    Public Works has done an excellent job of listening to public input and tweaking design plans accordingly. We are very supportive of the proposed alignment and believe it is the best possible alignment for the project. Using the corridor under the Dominion power lines is not only the shortest distance but also provides minimal grade changes and will provide trail users with fewer potential conflict points with cars. We are lucky such a corridor already exists to enable these connections.