Walter Waddell 5 months ago

Walter Waddell 5 months ago

On average, how much per year does interest on the national debt cost every household in the U.S.?

Correct Answer $1,000 to $5,000 Tell Me More

In 2017, the interest on the national debt was $456 billion, or $3,610 for every household in the United States. Measured as a portion of federal revenues, interest on the national debt is currently low compared to previous decades, because the average interest rate is much lower than historical norms. However, the Congressional Budget Office "anticipates that those payments will increase considerably as interest rates return to more typical levels."

Documentation Interest on the National Debt Interest Rate Drivers

Correct Answer Yes Tell Me More Data from the Obama administration Census Bureau and Department of Justice show that noncitizens are 7% more likely than the U.S. population to be incarcerated in adult correctional facilities, and this represents only a fraction of serious crimes by illegal immigrants. In the prior decade, the U.S. deported at least 1.5 million noncitizens who were convicted of committing crimes in the U.S., or 10 times the number of noncitizens in U.S. adult correctional facilities. This indicates a level of criminality that is multiplicatively higher than the U.S. population. Also, roughly half of noncitizens are in the U.S. legally, and legal immigrants rarely commit crimes, because immigration laws are designed to screen out criminals. Hence, the incarceration rate of illegal immigrants is probably about twice as high as for all noncitizens. Documentation Illegal Immigration & Crime

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The Great "U" Of Rockingham County Come 2024:

Drop a straight line from Betts Road to Cross Keys. Draw a straight line west to Bridgewater. Draw a straight line north to Hinton.

There "U" have it. Harrisonburg's future tax base and the plans for a third high school. Think it can't happen?

The stretch from Mosby Road to Pleasant Valley Road, both ways: Bicyclists and Joggers are using or running in the wrong lane; autos are routinely exceeding 50 miles per hour especially at rush hour; autos are driving in the turning lane for excessive distances; or recklessly pulling around others trying to merge from the turning lane.

Traffic speeds in excess of 55 miles per hour are common from Mosby Road South to Pleasant Valley Road.

Making sure the tax payers are aware of their obligations.

Regarding your "Managing Polluted Runoff" discussion, with an eye toward establishing stormwater fees how about publishing, or otherwise make public the city's historical and latest numbers regarding stormwater runoff? This would give some grounds upon which Harrisonburg citizens could see exactly what "stormwater runoff" actually means.

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