We may need a new high school in the next couple of years because the one that we have is now getting overcrowded. The school was originally built for about 1,500 students, but in the next couple of years we may be seeing up to 2,000+ students! Right now I am still in middle school and I am worried that my future may be affected by the crowded hallways and classrooms. Please at least consider these ideas

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The lights on Port Republic are not correct

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Build Shared Use Paths as outlined on the City map of Garbers Church Shared Use Paths to Connect Our Schools: http://svbcoalition.org/connect-our-schools/

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Rhonda Payne almost 4 years ago

Clean up the mess

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When the new City Hall is built, what should happen to the Municipal Building? It's one of the most important historic buildings in town and is centrally located. How could it become a focus for the community? We need public spaces for events downtown. Some have suggested a "Harrisonburg Museum." A public private partnership? Heritage tourism? How could we create a place that honors our past and helps to shape our future?

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